Naturally, genuine, beautiful and soft.

Every shoe is an original. Same as you. Unique and distinctive An original exists only once. Who am I without us?

Absolute soft.

More valuable than a beautiful pair of shoes is only a pair of shoes with a personality and character to it. We give our heart and soul into our products. We design different than others. It takes blood, sweat and tears to develop unique products.

Unique and distinctive

We create unmistakable Canal Grande silhouettes. Our shoes are for designed for pleasure, fantasy and dreaming! Our edges are more round. Our silhouettes are softer and more eye appealing. We are unique. We are distinctive.

An original exists only once

The softest leathers you have ever touched. Follow your senses. Shoe craft at its best. Naturally tanned hides tumbled for hours in tanning drums to achieve incredible softness. Utilizing good old Italian manufacturing techniques. Skilled craftsmen work multiple layers of transparent wax into a heat up leather surface. Every pair is an unique work of art.